imagePitfalls in Buying and Selling Houses

Pitfalls in Buying and Selling Houses

17Jan 2010

No matter how well-versed you may be in buying and selling houses, there are a few pitfalls you may fall into, and should always avoid. This article will present these pitfalls to you.   Pitfalls in buying houses   Buyers are often faced with the following challenges when looking for a home:   1. Buying a house that you cannot afford.   2. Buying a house without knowing what you need in it.   3. Not having decided your preferred location.   4. Not having checked out the neighbourhood and its local amenities.   5. Not carrying out a professional survey of the house, and only relying on the mortgage valuation of the house.   6. Failure of selecting a good agent to find a house and a solicitor to act on your behalf, in the hope of saving money.   Pitfalls in selling houses   As sellers, you also have your own share of pitfalls when offering your property tp buyers. Here are some of them:   1. Not getting your official deeds and papers before putting up your house for sale.   2. Not solving any boundary disputes you have.   3. Not keeping your house and garden clean.   4. No convenient time for viewing your house. People prefer viewing properties at weekends and evenings, and if this is not possible with you, they lose interest in your house.   5. Not being clear in your sale terms.   6. Not including stamp duty and solicitor and estate agency fees in your selling rate.   Now you know these pitfalls, you can avoid them whilst buying or selling a house.

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