imagePersuade Your Teens to Move by Understanding Their Needs

Persuade Your Teens to Move by Understanding Their Needs

11Aug 2009

Persuade Your Teens to Move by Understanding Their Needs Teenagers have more trouble when it comes to moving. Unlike adults and children, it is more difficult for teenagers to move to another place particularly if they have not experienced this before. So, if you have a teenager and you are planning to move soon, you will need a good amount of patience to talk to your teen to help him accept your plan. You need to understand that the reason why it is harder for your teen to move is the idea of separation from friends. This is why you need to address the social and psychological issues when convincing your teen to move. However, before you tell your teen about your plan to move, you should know first the things you need and need not do to avoid conflict. The following can serve as your guide:  Do not instantaneously assume that your teen does not like the idea of moving. It’s also possible for him to be excited to make a new start.  Schedule your relocation during summer to avoid any negative effect on your teen’s studies and social life at school.  Ask your teen for his suggestions on the kind of new home to buy. This will make him feel that his needs are being valued by the family.

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