imagePacking Fragile Items the Right Way

Packing Fragile Items the Right Way

08Oct 2009

Packing toys and clothes can be so easy. You can even damp those in a big plastic bag and you're ready to go. But what about your fragile items like pictures, mirrors, appliances, cups, and glasses? These things are so special that they require special packing, too.   However, every fragile item you have in your house needs special packing. Here's a quick guide for that:   For pictures and mirrors, you simply need to wrap these individually with bubble wraps or old newspapers. You can stack these in a box, on top of each other.   For TVs, cameras, and other digital electronics and appliances, just use their original packaging when you bought them. If the original boxes and Styrofoam are not available, you can use other boxes and just wrap the appliances and digital electronics with polystyrene foam casing, clothes, or any useful padding.   For glasses and cups, fill each of these with old newspapers and tissues then wrap these individually with newspapers or bubble wraps. You can also seal these with tape and put them layer per layer. Fill the spaces with newspapers also to avoid shaking and damages during the travel.   For plates, you can wrap the plates one by one with newspapers and just stack them up in a sturdy box. Just make sure to stack up similar-sized plates.   Aside from properly packing fragile items, carefully and properly load, deliver, and unpack these items, too. With that, you are sure to protect your valuable yet fragile items when you move.  

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