imagePacking For Your Big Domestic Removal!

Packing For Your Big Domestic Removal!

07Mar 2014

Packing is the kind of thing that everyone dreads; it is a long, tedious process that takes a fair bit of concentration, with absolutely no enjoyable pay off! If you can plan it all well however, there are certain ways in which to take the strain off of the packing process, and at least to ensure that while the process is boring, you will not be feeling stressed or panicked by it! The main thing to understand is that most people who have a hard time with the packing do so because they are running out of time, and find it hard to get everything done in the right way before the day of their move. If you can keep yourself composed and on schedule, there is no reason for the packing to get in the way of your removal day.So, how to do this? It all sounds a little easier said than done, but the key is to simply start early! There are large amounts of preparation that need to go on before you even start packing, as you need to get rid of all the extraneous junk that’s in and around your house, as otherwise you are paying someone to move your rubbish around, which you’re only going to get rid of later! Having consolidated the stuff that you need and want, it is a good idea to write out a plan of the packing, alongside your plan of the move, so that you can ensure that you are able to get everything done in the time that you have. The best way to do this is to work out the order in which you are going to do things, avoiding packing anything that you will want to use again, and do it over a series of days that you can just cross off of your calendar. The result will be a process where you always know where you are, and can always reference back to.When you are packing your things in to boxes, ensure that you have all of the appropriate materials to hand at all times. There is nothing more likely to ruin the process for you than finding that you have run out of tape or boxes half way through. Bubble wrap should be used sparingly, as it is expensive and can be extremely bad for the environment. Tissue paper and newsprint will be equally useful in such circumstances. Whilst boxing things up, ensure that everything is rested in the boxes in a way that means that they won’t move around too much. This is to ensure that the movements of the removal van don’t disrupt the contents and damage anything. You should ensure that the boxes have a rough itinerary on them so that you can access stuff easily, and so that the boxes are treated in the way that they should. A box marked ‘best crockery’ will be treated a lot better than one marked ‘books’ for instance. When you are writing up your plan, you should also think about where the items that you are packing need to go in the new place as well. If you have a good idea of this in advance, then you can basically get things packed and labelled so that they end up exactly where you need them to, making the unpacking process a lot quicker and easier. When you arrive at the new place, put up signs on the doors of the rooms that correspond to the boxes’ labels to avoid any confusion.

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