imageOffice Removals Made Easy

Office Removals Made Easy

30Jul 2012

Moving offices is always a challenge. When the office is small, with only five to ten work stations, the removals can go along similarly to a house removal. However, when you have a large office with multiple departments, there are many more areas to think about. Ideally, every department should be taken care of separately. There are many things to observe during a large scale office move and this article will highlight certain areas that need to be paid special attention.

1.    It is extremely important that you hire the right removers. Do not rely on the regular domestic removal company. Seek out, contrast and compare the prices  between various commercial removers, get estimates from each company that catches your eye and always remember to ask if the removers will be able to deal with any specialized equipment you have. If the answer is no, either find a different remover, who will, or higher independent experts to safely pack and transport any machinery, computing equipment or other specialized items.

2.    When you're moving house, you do the tasks on a room-by-room basis. A similar principle can be applied to a large scale office removal. Simply do the packing and removals one department at a time. Not only do different departments have different types of equipment and furniture to pack up, but focusing all of your available man power on one department at a time will help the work go faster and more efficiently.

3.    Think of an appropriate place for storage. An office move involves lots of items, some of which will not be moved into the new location for a few days or weeks. Therefore, you will need to consider your storage options and then move everything into the new office at several stages, ideally beginning with equipment and furniture and ending with the décor. This is why you should find appropriate storage options. A lot of commercial removers also offer storage at compatible prices. You may even be able to get a discount or package deal on storage from your remover. This is why it is very important that you look into storage options as early as possible. Alternatively, if your company has multiple offices or spaces, you may want to consider storing everything there.

4.    Plan everything early. Planning is essential for any large scale moving operation, so assign workers to different tasks, hire a cleaning service early on and make a schedule to be followed as exactly as possible. Before doing this, you should have finalized your arrangements with the removers and planned out the space to be cleared out. It is a good idea to also take a look at your new office or work area and plan out the unpacking as well.

5.    Assign removal coordinators for each department. Their job should be to motivate, supervise and make any last-minute decisions. These people should be organized and trustworthy and they should be able to work well in a team environment. They should be given a copy of the removal schedule and paid overtime for their help.

6.    When unpacking, assign a space in the back of the new office to store all of the boxes and unpacked items. This way you will be able to unpack and arrange the essentials and resume working as soon as possible, while the final touches to the new workspace are being made.

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