imageMoving with Roommates How to Move into a Place with Roommates Make Moving so much Fun

Moving with Roommates How to Move into a Place with Roommates Make Moving so much Fun

19 February 2016

Moving with Roommates How to Move into a Place with Roommates: Make Moving so much Fun


Moving with Roommates

Moving into a place where you have roommates is always a challenge. First the space isn’t your own and you always have to contend with the preferences and quirks of the people you’ll be sharing space with.

When moving in, be sure to coordinate first with your new roommates, this way they won’t be inconvenienced or unprepared when you show up with your boxes and stuff. They might even offer to lend a hand too. Getting to know your roommates is important so you know which space is yours and where they put their things. Simply moving in unannounced is not only rude and will cause tensions and conflict, but will also leave you confused as to where you’re supposed to be.

Plan your move carefully so you know how big the space it and determine how much you’re going to bring. The last thing you want is your space to cluttered with boxed filled with stuff you don’t have space for. And the mere effort and / or cost of hauling those unnecessary things would be a waste of resources.

The next step would be to ensure that you have a definite arrangements regarding you mail, you bill and so on. You need to inform everyone concerned about your new address, so that you mail will be redirected to the proper place and you should also and settle any bills you have at your old accommodations.

Take pictures of the room before and after you move in so that you have proof that you did not damage anything. Also make sure that any leases or bill that you split with your roommate or roommates should have at least a clear verbal agreement between all of you to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. The same goes for rent, of course. Be sure to know the amount before hand so you don’t get unwittingly duped into paying more than what you’re supposed to.

Be sure to keep all receipts and other items that can help you verify that you paid for a bill or anything of the like. Better yet, keep a written record of all the changes in agreements between you and your roommates, as well as any changes to lease, bills, and so on. This will help you keep a better track of your expenses, and have reference and proof of your claims whenever small misunderstandings arise.


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