imageMoving? What about Your Fish?

Moving? What about Your Fish?

07Oct 2009

Yes, you are excited in moving to your new home. You got yourself a nice place. However, you almost forgot to consider one thing in your old house that would be nice to place in your new home. You would not want it to leave behind because they have been part of your life - your aquarium with your lovely school of fish.
Now, you have again a problem after solving the problems of packing in which moving service you will choose. You have another set of questions that you need to look for answers. How will you move your fish? Will they survive the transit? Will the moving company be able to move them?
Do not worry because there are professional moving companies who are expert in moving pets including your school of fish. You may want to consider getting a well insulated fish container for your school of fish. Fish reacts differently depending on their species. You need to do some extra research on special movers specializing in moving your aqua pets.
Before your move date, try minimizing their amount of water at least several days prior your move date. If you are putting your fish in containers, make sure not to over crowd them in each container.
These simple tips would help you in moving your fish. Make sure to look for special movers to do this job for you.

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