imageMoving Tips: Things You Need To Check When You Settled In To Your New Home

Moving Tips: Things You Need To Check When You Settled In To Your New Home

03Dec 2009

Finally, after that long tiring days of packing and that stressful date of moving, you have successfully moved to your new home. However, before you unpack your things and go on with your life, you need to check some important things in your new home before you forget them.
You need to do some home inspection before you move in your new home. It is a good idea if you do this before you move in to better look into the problems of your new home and be able to tell them to your landlord or in order to let someone fix it for you.
Part of your home inspection is to check the wood floors. Check if there are wood floors in your floor area that squeaks.
Check the plumbing system of your new house. Check if there are drips, odd noises or slow drains.
You also need to double check your house electrical wiring. Try switching the lights and check out the outlets that do not work anymore.
It is also very important to check your new house' gutter in order to make sure they are properly drained before you move in.
Check for trees that need to be trimmed in your garden or front yard.
Check all the door locks and windows. Make sure to clean first properly your new house before moving in.
These are just some of the simple guidelines that you need to check on before moving in to your new house. Remember, it is better to take care of the problem now instead of waiting for it to worsen when you move in.

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