imageMoving Plans to a New Apartment

Moving Plans to a New Apartment

25Feb 2010

After choosing the perfect apartment and signed all the paper work needed, the only thing that's left is to pick up all your belongings and take it to your new apartment. However, it is important to make sure that your stay will not be nasty and chaotic after. So, before you move, plan everything you need to settle.
Visualizing Moving Day
You want the moving day to be smooth as much as possible. Don't wait till the last minute before you decide which stuff you would keep and which stuff you would like to dump. Begin packing 6 to 8 weeks prior to the moving day. You can start packing items you may not miss or use much such as books, paintings and frames. This is also the perfect time to sort out the things that may not be essential: Those that can still be sold or donated and those that can be thrown away.
Find a reputable mover with extensive experience in the moving industry. If you have delicate and expensive furnishing like antiques and a piano, find special movers that can handle them carefully. Be sure to check on the insurance policies of your mover to cover for any possible damages that may happen. 
Setting up For the New Apartment
Before you leave your old apartment, check on all the utilities. Make sure they are all turned off and all the windows and doors are properly closed. At the same time, coordinate with your utility companies to set arrangements for your electricity, phone, cable TV and water supply in your new apartment.
Inviting an army of friends to extend their help in moving your boxes is ideal. The least you can do is volunteer a pizza treat. However, if your friends may not be available on a weekend, ask the help of the moving company to include the unpacking and furniture arrangements in the moving service.  Don't forget to double check on everyone you need to inform about your move.
On the actual moving day, you will find everything else fall into place. Organizing a well planned moving will surely lessen the distress and hassles involved in moving to a new apartment.

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