imageMoving Out With Pets: Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy during the Move

Moving Out With Pets: Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy during the Move

19 February 2016

Moving Out With Pets : Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy during the Move

Hiring a Removal CompanyIf you are so stressed out with moving out, it is a more stressful experience with pets. However, he can do a few important things to be able to minimize the stress of his pet, may it be a dog or a cat.

Make Life Easier for Your Pets during the Move

1. Start packing now and not tomorrow. This will be beneficial for you and your pet. Even if you are busy with packing and arranging for the move, make sure that the normal routine for the pets are still followed. It can be his eating and exercise time. He must not also change the attention and affection that he usually gives to his pet.

2. Before the final move, get copies of certificates, medical and immunization records of your pet from your veterinarian. This is also the time to purchase identification tags indicating the new address.

3. How would you be traveling? Is it by airplane? If yes, it is recommended that you must book an early and direct flight. Know the rules and regulations of the airline in terms of transporting pets. Also ask what kind of crate is needed for the pet.

4. If you are traveling by car and the car will be taking a long trip, it might be a good idea to check ahead and make reservations for motels that accept pets.

5. Also check whether you need an entry permit for pets on your new city or state. Call and ask for regulations on pets.

6. If the new home is not so far, you can help your pet familiarized with the new surroundings by visiting the new neighborhood or strolling.

Tips on Moving Pets on the Final Moving Day

1. During the moving out day, find a friend or a family member who can take care of the pet. If it is not possible, keep your pet in a small room with enough water and food and some favorite toys. Make sure that nobody will accidentally enter the room so post a No Entry sign in front of the door.

2.Once you are ready to move out, make sure that all are packed for the pets such as identification tags, medications, veterinary records, recent pictures of the pet in case he gets lost, litter box, plastic bags, leashes, toys and treats, food and water bowls and others.

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