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19 February 2016

Top Moving Advices

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We have outlined some valuable guidance below, for you to use as you prepare your move.  Please print this page and use it as a checklist.

Moving Tips

Prepare an inventory of the furniture, boxes, bags etc. that are being transported.  To make this easy for you, we have prepared a room by room checklist on our website for you to use.

For international moves ensure you that you tie your boxes securely with moving tape and label all of the boxes with your name, destination city and contact phone number.

Consider selling your low value bulky items and/or giving away your unwanted items before you move.

Leave your pet with a neighbour or friend or relative during the busy part of your moving day.

Place all packed boxes out of the way so as not to obstruct access for the removal of your furniture.

Advise your house and home contents insurance company that you are moving as they will normally provide free cover for "goods in transit".

Ensure that you transport items of high value (eg. jewellery) or sentimental value (eg. photographs, documents) yourself as your insurance company is unlikely to be responsible for them.

It is very important to ensure that delicate or fragile items are adequately packaged to ensure safe transportation and delivery before the removals company arrives.   Unless of course you are paying the removals company extra for a packing service, in which case they will bring the packaging materials with them.

Advise the removals company well in advance if there is to be any furniture that must be dis-assembled / re-assembled.

You must advise the removals company if there is restricted access to your floor by staircase or lift at either address.

Also please advise the removals company if you have any items to be moved that cannot be easily lifted by two men, otherwise they may have to be left behind.

Please do not underestimate the number of men required to move all of your goods, as doing so may prevent the move from taking place on the specified date.

If your appliances are being moved have them disconnected by a professional from the power source and supply before the moving men arrive as it is illegal for them to disconnect them for you. Defrost your refrigerator and freezer the day before moving. Burners on the stove should be taped securely.

During cold weather allow your electronics to acclimatize before plugging them in at your new residence.

Put all the items that are not being moved in one specific area and inform all of the movers individually of this area and that they are not being transported.

Please completely empty dresser drawers of clothes, liquids, breakables, books, valuables, etc.

Do not pack corrosives, aerosols, gas, propane, paint, flammables or other dangerous goods with your move.

Buy some materials needed for packing for your glassware, dishes for added safety.

Labels (name, move or do not move, room, fragile, etc)

Boxes for lamp shades, mirror, pictures.

Moving tape.

Clean rugs, carpets and curtains.

Use up perishable food.

Arrange for transport of plants, pets and perishables.

Dispose of flammables (best given to a neighbour),  never flush or throw them into garbage.

Arrange for disconnection of utilities.

Return all items borrowed, collect all items lent.

Dangerous Goods - Non-Transportable Items

Carriers are prohibited from transporting the following goods:

Ammunition including bullets, shotgun shells, railroad or road flares, fireworks, detonator and blasting caps.

Any gases under pressure or liquefied, propane gas, quick start, oxygen, acetylene, helium, household or industrial fuel, aerosol cans, hair spray, anti-per spirant, paint, thinners or cleaning solvents, butane lighters and propane tanks (Empty or Full).

Bleach, disinfectants, organic peroxides, fertilizers, pool chemicals, hair bleach and chlorine of any form.

Flammable Solids:
Matches, fuel tablets, barbecue starter pellets, hay or straw, wood chips.

We will not move any liquids.

Flammable Liquids:
Gas, cleaning fluids, lighter fluid, paint thinners, barbecue starter, glues, resin, kerosene, naphtha, acetone, alcohol, lamp oil.

Oven cleaner, toilet cleaners, liquid plumber, drain cleaner, household cleaner, lye, acids (sulphuric, hydrochloric, nitric, muriatic), car, boat or motorcycle batteries.

Pesticides, herbicides, cygon, fumigants, wood preservatives, creosote, photographic chemicals.

Any Item:
subject to spontaneous combustion: oily rags, charcoal.

Accounts and Services

Keep handy your family medical and dental records and medical records for your pets.

Close or transfer your bank account and credit cards and loan accounts to your new address.

Empty and close safety deposit boxes.

Advise your stockbroker of your new address.

Advise your estate agent of your new address and leave keys with them if you are selling/sold your home.

Cancel newspapers, magazines, milk/water delivery etc.

Return leased/rented equipment/appliances and library books.

Terminate gas, water, electricity, phone, internet service provider accounts and advise your mobile phone company of your new address.  Also acquire all of the utility services at the new address.

Cancel cable TV in good time.

Cancel (or advise of new address) clubs membership (health, golf, tennis etc.)

Cancel garden and/or housecleaning service.

Advise the following of your new address your solicitor, doctor (and hospital if necessary), dentist, insurance companies (car, home, health etc), pension fund, inland revenue, DSS, private health insurance plan, DVLA (vehicle and driver registration), friends, relatives, schools,

Switch off water, gas and electricity from the mains supply and check the pilot lights on the cooker, water heater/boiler.

If you have children register them at a new school.

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