imageMoving Heavy Items During Home Removals - A Guide

Moving Heavy Items During Home Removals - A Guide

11Dec 2013

When it comes to moving large items around the house, you may feel like it is the job of the house removals company. Some people like to remove the expense that a removal company can bring by using a man with a van instead, as it will save them a great deal of money overall. You will no doubt find that if you are doing a move with a moving van, the larger items give you the most hassle and bother, as otherwise it is simply a case of stacking boxes! A few hints on how to move your large items effectively will be all you need to ensure that you have the confidence to get yourself from A to B in an effective way, and with no breakages or injury! Injury is really the main one to be protecting yourself against, and you will no doubt want to ensure that you are in no risk at any point during the move, so it is best that you take heed and caution and follow the following advice!1.    Wear gloves! Lifting gloves will make your job twice as easy, and you will find that they are great for protecting your hands, so that you have more confidence overall. In the event that you don’t have gloves, you will find that the friction between your hands and the surface of the item can get sore, and sometimes your hands will get a little sweaty making it hard to keep a decent grip. Lifting gloves will have a textured rubberized surface that will protect you from these issues, as well as from the splinters and cuts that wood and metal items can give you if you are not careful. See if your man with a van driver can supply you with a pair to borrow.2.    Read up! If you can, get hold of a safe lifting manual and have a proper look at it. You will find that there are many ways in which to lift something, but most of them will put you in serious danger of hurting yourself or dropping the item. It basically comes down to lifting with your knees, and not your back, as the back is a much less sturdy part of your body. Twisting or extending your spine to much will only leave you with pains well beyond the day of the move, and can last a life time, so it is worth being really careful. 3.    Get some wheels! If you can get access to them, a heavy duty sack barrow, or a low trolley will ensure that you don’t have to walk large and cumbersome items around. You may find that your removals van driver has the right equipment, but it is worth checking beforehand. The sack barrow is perfect for balancing large wardrobes or fridges on, and with its help, two men can move a massive triple wardrobe without much difficulty at all. A trolley can be used similarly, but will be a little less effective in general. 4.    Talk to each other! You will need more than one person to lift larger items, and when this is happening, you need to be extremely vocal with what is going on. If you are at the front of the load and you step over a cable, let the person at the back know about it, so that they don’t trip over it! If anyone needs to put the heavy item down for a second to rest, then allow them to do so, otherwise they will strain themselves trying to keep it up, and cause injury. Worse still they could end up dropping the thing, and the results could be injury or broken furniture, which is not what you need! Ensuring that you are safe will make your domestic removal a lot easier.

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