imageMoving for the Budget Conscious

Moving for the Budget Conscious

15Sep 2009

In these trying financial times, it is important for everybody to keep a good hold on their finances. However, if you absolutely need to move, you have to keep a lid on expenses and try to send as little as possible without compromising the quality of your move.
One way to do that is by minimizing the things you'll be bringing with you. We tend to accumulate a lot of useless things over the years as we stay in one particular place, and you will need to sort everything out before packing to determine which to bring and which to leave behind. Be realistic - think of how they can be of use to you or anyone else in the family in your new home. This alone will save you costs on boxes, as well as truck / freight space. When disposing these items, you can put them to good use by launching a garage sale and selling them. You can either save the money you earn from it or add it to your moving budget.
Another way to save (and coincidentally, to be green at the same time) is to buy used boxes instead of new ones. New boxes are more expensive and really, you'll only be using them once, so there's really no long term value to buying expensive new boxes and just leaving them or throwing them away after the move. But if you have no choice, you can also consider selling them to other people who are looking to move.

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