imageMoving Day Tips

Moving Day Tips

17Feb 2014

If you have a moving day lined up in the near future for whatever reason – whether you are moving house, or simply moving items somewhere else – then you cannot be blamed for finding the prospect ever so slightly intimidating. However, with this handy list of moving day tips, you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about – take it from us, the moving day experts!If you’ve picked a good removal company to take care of your moving needs, they will of course turn at your property at a time you have agreed with them. The best removal firms – which you will be able to identify easily if you follow some basic research strategies - will phone you on the day and long prior to your agreed moving time to confirm they will be providing your moving services when you require them. The best moving companies will then keep you up to date on their progress as they make their way to you, notifying you of potential delays or difficult driving conditions. Any removal company worthy of the name will have skilled removal van drivers who are experienced when it comes to moving services in your area – they will know the best routes to reach you, so traffic and congestion won’t necessarily afflict them!. Some moving companies even go the extra mile and kit out their vans and drivers with top of the range satellite navigation! Either way, if you choose a great removal firm to provide your home moving services, you can be certain they will reach you on time. However, you need to do your bit too. If, before moving day comes, you find you are taking more (or less) items in you cargo to your destination, let your man and van business know at the earliest available opportunity. This makes sense for a number of reasons. If you are taking more than you originally planned to, this may necessitate the removal business dispatching a different sized removal vehicle to the one they originally planned to supply for your job. They may also need to send more moving men to you to properly attend your moving needs. If you are taking less, the same is true – and it may save you some money! Keep your contact up to speed on developments with your moving operation, and everything will flow forward in a professional manner! You can also make the lives of your moving services team that little bit easier by plainly marking the contents of the individual boxes within your cargo. Use a thick magic marker to label each packing box as you pack your items. This makes loading easier, because it clearly informs your removal squad what needs to be packed first (i.e. heavier items) and which need to be handled with extra care (e.g. fragile items). Also, make your cargo easy to access – place anything that’s going to be transported as close to your front door as possible. It wastes time unnecessarily if your moving company has to navigate their way round your house to collect items. It’s also courteous – you’ll both be making each other’s lives easier in the process! Remember too that if you are stuck for packing materials, you can buy cardboard boxes for moving online – or, your removal company might be able to supply you to. If the company itself does not have moving boxes for sale, then they may well be point you in the direction of somewhere you can purchase cardboard moving boxes. You’ll never know unless you ask them, so do so! Wish you every success on your moving day!

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