imageMoving Can be a Great Calorie-Burner

Moving Can be a Great Calorie-Burner

06Oct 2009

If you regularly head to a gym on a weekend and spend there three or more hours, you better cut that out. Pack your things for the moving, instead. Besides, going to the gym and moving your things will help you burn your unwanted calories.
Moving can be a great help to burn calories. In fact, a 140-pound person can burn 222 calories per hour just by packing and unpacking things. You can also burn 382 calories per hour when you move furniture, 191 calories per hour moving other household items, and 572 calories per hour moving your things upstairs.
So the total number of calories you can burn because of the moving process will depend upon the number of hours you spend for it.
An average person is said to be able to pack up to seven boxes per hour. And the number of boxes that an average mover will take is about 80 boxes. With the packing alone, you might spend more than 11 hours to pack things. That's burning about 2,500 calories! This number can even be doubled or tripled because you still have to unpack, load, and unload your things.
See? Moving can really be a great exercise. You may think it as a way to burn calories so you can have fun moving just like how you do in a gym.

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