imageMoving And Being Friendly With Your New Community

Moving And Being Friendly With Your New Community

30Oct 2009

Moving is a new chapter of one's life that need to be handled with all their best and efforts. When you move, you know that sooner or later, you will be dealing, exchanging views, and talking with a new group of people that belong in your newly-found community.
Being friendly is an attitude you need to develop to get yourself accepted by other people. If you keep yourself away from other people, you end up with nothing in the end. As the adage says, no man is an island. So, as a fact, the presence of new residents will be exposed and you have to do something about it.
Being the new ones, the initiative to reach out should come from you. It is recommended that you announce your presence by having house warming tea parties. You can send the invitation to your neighbourhood and request them to come in your place for the set party.
Finally, you can visit the community centre and mingle with some of the community members. If you have a child who will attend school, as a parent you should also take the initiative to meet other parents and the teachers in the school and make your child's new environment more welcoming.

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