imageManaging Your Moving Budget

Managing Your Moving Budget

21Aug 2009

Managing Your Moving Budget It is always, always essential to manage your moving budget well whenever you are going on a move. Going beyond the budget is not a good precedent to moving into a new place, and will add more stress to the already stressful and arduous effort that goes into moving. One of the things you can do is to take away all the non-essentials. Take only the things you need. So go over what you have and determine what you’ll be bringing with you and what you’ll be leaving behind. This save you fees of freight, weight, and space. What you can do with the things you leave behind is to sell them at a garage sale – this is more productive that just throwing everything away; plus you get to have a little bit more cash for the budget. You should also take the time to canvass your movers and the moving companies. Compare fees and services on the internet and make more detailed inquiries personally or through the phone. If possible, negotiate at least a close estimate to what you’ll be paying the moving company when everything’s over. Also make sure that you won’t be demanding any extra service outside your original agreement or plan, as this will entail some extra cost on your part.

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