imageMake Your Clapham House Removal Environmentally Friendly

Make Your Clapham House Removal Environmentally Friendly

25Jan 2013

Moving to a new house is a hectic task, and you are probably so concerned with getting everything done on time that the idea that you could be causing damage to the environment probably never crossed your mind! However, if you pause and take a moment to consider it, with all the materials being used up in the process, all the things being discarded, and the fuel used during the preparation and transportation, you will be dealing quite a blow to the environment. Don’t worry though, with the advice we have for you here, you can make your Clapham house removal a lot more environmentally friendly. To begin with, if you are hiring a removals team or just renting out a moving vehicle, request a bio diesel truck. While these vehicles still have an environmental impact, the negative footprint is substantially reduced. Also, if you have a lot of luggage, instead of hiring two or more vehicles, request one large one. Regardless of the size, by cutting down on the number of vehicles and using only one, you will be decreasing the fuel consumption and pollution by a considerable amount. Regardless of the size, two vehicles will always create more smoke and emissions than one. Since you know that packing items such as bubble wrap, plastic sheets, cardboard boxes etc. are expensive and pose different environmental concerns, you need to be careful during the packing process. Since these materials are essential for being able to move properly, you cannot quite do away with them, but you can reduce the number of packing materials you use by reducing the number of things you need to pack. Before you start packing, spend a few days organising things and choosing things to give away, donate and discard. You will be helping so many people by doing so and also lightening your load considerably. Reusing packing materials you have and borrowing more from friends and family is also a great way to make your move more environmentally friendly. Repurposing things is a great way to keep them from going to waste while also doing away with  the need to purchase new items. Reduce the amount of time you spend on the road running errands. Try to get as many things done in one go, and whenever possible, try to use public transport. The less time you spend driving around, the less fuel you will be using. It may seem like an extreme compromise to make when you have such a pressing task at hand, but just think; if only all of us made these ‘compromises’ a regular habit, we wouldn’t even need to be so worried about the environment right now!If you are willing to make the effort, there are some actively-environmentally friendly steps you can take to ensure a ‘green house removal’. A lot of companies sell and rent out environmentally friendly moving supplies and items such as crates and boxes. These are usually made of materials that are environmentally friendly, and since they are reused again and again, they do much less harm to the environment. Reading all this may seem as though you will have to go out of your way, and we agree that there is a bit of an extra effort involved, but the results are so important and far-reaching that the outcome does justify the extra time and effort on your part. And these small steps are especially relevant for families and people who move often and can completely revolutionise their removals techniques to go green.

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