imageLetting Go of Clutters

Letting Go of Clutters

10Dec 2009

Moving could be tiresome and emotional. This is because it is a time in our life that we have to decide what thing should go and stay. But there is a much easier way to go about this: organisation. These are three easy steps how to get organise.
1st STEP- get boxes where you could place the items that are not yet worn out and therefore are still useful for you. Label this box for organisational purposes-write "keep" on it. The things that matter to you even if their usefulness have already died out, like the CD player your dead best friend gave to you on your seventh birthday, should also go to this box.
2nd STEP- your old stuff that are still functional but haven't been used for a long time and is unlikely to be used in the future should be placed in the donate pile. Just make sure that the items aren't broken beyond repair. Donating unusable items defeats the purpose of charity. Again, label your box - write "donations" or something to mean it.
3rd STEP- the "sell" box should contain items that are "sellable"-things that you know possess a high market value. Usually, a box is not enough to contain the items you have to sell, as most home appliances usually go under this category. Just be prudent in choosing things you'll be putting under this pile.
Keep. Donate. Sell. This is the formula for an easy and stress-free cleaning of clutters.

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