imageInvest In Your Move - Use Professional Help

Invest In Your Move - Use Professional Help

23Oct 2013

No matter how much we want to move, and no matter how excited we are at the end of the day to be finally be set on the path to a new home and an entirely new stage in our lives, it can still nonetheless all seem like some cruel divine joke is being played on us when we actually have to begin the tricky process of packing and removals. No part of any move is much more stressful or complicated than trying to properly figure out the ultimate way to box, pack, and transport our various beloved worldly possessions from the old location on the new one. And out of that already enormously tricky process, no part is as likely to give you a splitting headache and a strong desire for magic powers, than the task of shifting your heaviest and most un-obliging furniture the long way from your old home to your new one.It’s one of those situations where, almost regardless of what we do, we seem doomed in some deep, essential and merciless way. We want to keep our prized furniture – we’re used to it all, some of it might even be a family heirloom or have some incredible antique value. On the other hand, though, we don’t want to pay enormous sums of money to get it all professionally moved between homes without the risk of profound damage being done to it along the bumpy way. Along with those two obvious but eternally stress-inducing and seemingly contradictory desires, we are also mostly aware enough to know that attempting to transport our stuff “DIY” might just be the worst idea of all, and will generally result in us having to spend enormous amounts of fuel just for the privilege of trying to haul our heaviest belongings around town, strapped to the roof of our car, or something equally risky. But ultimately, the whole idea of a “DIY-move” does really come down to two factors: space and experience. If we all owned a truck and were intimately familiar with the process of moving our furniture between properties, then this would be a completely open and shut case. Yes, naturally, it is possible to move some furniture by ourselves – all pranks aside. We have all seen various kinds of cars gingerly crawling down the highway with an antique Victorian grandfather clock half hanging out of the window, or something similar. Ask yourself, though, does this seem like the gamble you want to take when it comes to pulling off your move successfully? So, what is the best option, when all is said and done? Spend some money.Of course you don’t want to throw your life’s savings into the pocket of a removals company, but the fact of the matter is that an enormous industry exists specifically for handling this tricky and mind-numbing part of the move for you. An entire industry made up of professionals whose very livelihood and business reputation depends on your customer satisfaction.For a decent price you can hire any one of a range of Man and Van hire services, or, if you can afford to spend a bit more (or have a lot more stuff to move in one go) you can get in touch with a professional moving company and ask them to bring down a full team and a truck. What you’re buying is peace of mind and the ability to focus your attentions on the dozens of other parts of your move which need that attention. Look at it as a valuable investment.

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