imageI Am Three Months Behind in My Mortgage Payments-Should I Move Out?

I Am Three Months Behind in My Mortgage Payments-Should I Move Out?

11Dec 2010

Moving out of the house after missing a few payments is not wise decision as you are losing the ability to sustain yourself after a foreclosure. Unless you are given the eviction notice, you have every right to stay in your home. You have more time than you think. Hence, use it as an opportunity to redeem yourself from the financial hole you are facing.
No matter how far behind you are in your mortgage payments, banks can't easily repossess your home. Firstly, lenders have to file for foreclosure lawsuit. Like other cases, the lenders will have to go through legal processes before they can successfully get claims to the property and put it on an auction.
At a public auction, homeowners will no longer have the exclusive rights on the property. However, there are some states that may allow homeowners to stay in the house due to redemption laws. During the redemption period homeowners may have the chance to negotiate for a pay-off balance to retain ownership. They can't be evicted unless they willingly surrender the property.
As you can see, there are many laws and time you can use to repair your financial situation. Make the most of these chances and don't move out prematurely. Even if you will not be able to save your house, the time you have left can be used to save money, pay off other debts and start afresh.

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