imageHow To Use Tape As Padding Across Box Packing

How To Use Tape As Padding Across Box Packing

21Mar 2014

Can't shut that box? Despite your best efforts to pack items neatly into a cardboard box, there will always be cases that require specific technique in hemming everything in. Especially since investing in too many reels of ordinary tape can be costly, you want to avoid taping too rigorously and recklessly in a desperate attempt to seal any box.Indeed, those who pack under last minute time constraints are prone to doing a poor job across taping cardboard boxes shut. So plan ahead and prepare properly. First of all, don't be too frugal across your box use. Since cardboard boxes are so cheap, it's advisable to place grouped items over a series of 2-3 boxes, instead of one, even when it means buying more boxes in advance. For example, your kitchen appliances may not fit in one box, so don't force the issue. Following this general rule should make taping easier. That said, there will be cases where oddly shaped objects protrude slightly.  For instance, you might struggle across fitting a child's water gun or fishing rod into a box. Even should you place such things as these diagonally, they will likely stick out if placed on top of other items. Picture an open cardboard box lined with cubes of packaged goods that prop up something like a junior fishing rod - as much as the rod seems to fit initially, it's likely the end will protrude somewhere. Since most rods can't be reduced, or folded, beyond a certain point, your rod either has to go elsewhere or can be applied a bit more carefully.The latter is preferable here since it means you can tick the rod off your moving checklist sooner. So how do we fit the item in without snapping it? Begin by adjusting the items beneath the rod as much as possible - for example, can some of the things beneath it be moved across so at least part of the rod rests at the bottom of the box? And so on. In terms of tape, the best thing to do over items that protrude is apply the thickest tape possible. Thickness in width that is. Extra wide duct tape can be bought cheap locally, so invest in a reel prior to removal day. Simply distinguishing between types of tape that hardly vary in cost is the start to successful box packing. So think wide and not thin.Indeed, in the case of something like a fishing rod, thick and wide tape can actually be used as padding for protruding items, as well as serving to contain such items within a box. So you have two options using this type of duct tape. Additionally, it's worth remembering that there will always be a top row in any stack of boxes, and generally a decent amount of breathing space between the highest boxes and the roof under which they sit. For example, when placing a stack of boxes within your removals van, be sure that boxes with additional padding across protruding bits sit at the  top of the pile. Protection is therefore assured in transit.

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