imageHow to Stage Your House for Sale

How to Stage Your House for Sale

11Apr 2010

Staging a house for sale is basically preparing your house for viewing. Like the professionals, you should present your house as if it was a model house. This means that you have to present a house that looks new. More than anything it should be spic and space from top to bottom.   In order not to get overwhelmed of the task at hand, you could start with a smaller room. Once you get your momentum, you can proceed to the bathroom. Get rid of all the visible dirt and grime. Scrub the tubs and the sinks until they are shiny. You could think of re-glazing them if necessary. Let the fixtures shine as well and replace old and ugly ones.   The same goes for the kitchen. The sinks, the countertops and the fixtures should be shiny clean. So must be all the appliances like the oven, stove and refrigerator. Such appliances should be cleaned inside and out. There must not be a single leak in the kitchen either.   The lighting is very crucial. So you must not leave a single corner dim and unlit. You should also use high wattage bulbs to make the whole house brighter and more spacious. You should see to it that light bulbs and their covers are clean as well. While you're at it clean the ceiling and the ceiling fans too.   Of course, the windows in every room should look shiny and free of dust too. Fix broken windows before the viewing. Make sure the furniture and the carpets are cleaned and vacuumed as well. You could even repaint the walls if necessary. No spot should be left out in the cleaning and the staging process. And the potential buyer should see only positive things whichever side he or she he looks to.  

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