imageHow to Ship Your Car for the Move

How to Ship Your Car for the Move

06Oct 2010

People can be so attached to their cars. And so even when they move across several states or even abroad, they actually ship their cars too. If you are like this too, you should take note that the key to a successful shipment is hiring a good moving agency to help you. So first, choose the company that specializes on this type of removals. They should have an office or at least a network with companies in your destination. Of course, it's important that you hire a company that is licensed too. And make sure that you have a written agreement or contract where the services and fees you agreed upon are clearly stated. Clarify the issue of insurance as well.
On the other hand, keep this contract, the car registration and the insurance policies with you. Prepare your car for shipment as well. For one make sure you disable the alarm. Remove personal belongings and removable accessories inside the car especially since they are not usually covered by the insurance.
Make sure that you secure loose parts as well. Of course, make sure that you protect your car if you are shipping it during winter. Don't forget to provide enough antifreeze for this purpose. Ensure there is enough car fluid as well. But empty the gas tank before the car is loaded for shipment.

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