imageHow to Prepare Your Home for the Sell

How to Prepare Your Home for the Sell

01Dec 2009

A part of moving houses is selling your old house. Before you put out the "For Sale by Owner" sign, make sure your house is ready for visits and for viewing. Start by checking the exterior as this gives the first impression. To make a good first impression and to keep people interested make sure the lawn is trimmed and well cared for. Prune and trim plants and trees in the yard. The paint of the house should make it look new and homey. If the paint is starting to chip, consider repainting the house. Clean the garage and the whole exteriors.
The interiors should be free of clutter. Obvious garbage and unwanted items should be taken out. And make sure the garbage bins are clean as well before a house tour or before an open house. You should also keep your personal trinkets as potential buyers would be more interested in putting their own things. They would be more concerned of the amount of space available for them. To make the interiors seem more spacious maintain light and soft colors on the walls. Again make sure the paint still looks relatively new. Then consider using bulbs of higher wattage as well.
Clean dirty rugs and carpets as well. If they already have visible stains, it would be better to remove them instead. The kitchen should be clean as well. In short, the whole house should be spic and span before you allow buyers in. This way, you will be able to attract more buyers and negotiate for higher prices for the house as well.   

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