imageHow to Pack Lamps Properly and Avoid Damage

How to Pack Lamps Properly and Avoid Damage

18Nov 2009

Lamps may seem difficult to pack. But the key really is to dismantle it. You should detach the bulb from the actual lamp. Then it's important that you place them in appropriate boxes which you would usually find at specialty box stores. Make sure too that you have enough packing tapes, rolls of bubble wrap, clean cloth and old newspapers.   Before you even put the lamp inside the box, you should make sure that the box is ready and sturdy enough to hold it. So, you should reinforce the box by wrapping it with at least two or three layers of packaging tape. If the box is too tall, you may want to cut some length off. Make sure that the bottom is sealed well to avoid the risk of tearing it while in transit. You should also pad the bottom with old newspapers or an old clean cloth.   Then before putting the lamp in, remove the bulb from the lamp. Wrap it with a couple layers of bubble wrap. Simply wind the wire around the base of the lamp and tuck its end in. Then wrap the whole lamp with bubble wrap as well.   With the box ready, place the lamp with its base at the bottom first. Then put some crumpled old newspapers or a clean piece of cloth before putting the bulb in. Make sure that both are secure and stable before you seal the box. There should be enough padding in between so the lamp would not move even if the box is shook. This will make the lamp safer while it is in transit.

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