imageHow to Move the Almost Unmovable Things?

How to Move the Almost Unmovable Things?

02Aug 2009

How to Move the Almost Unmovable Things? Packing your books, china wares, glass wares, or other small stuffs is just so easy. The problem with packing starts when you pack the big things you have in your house. You'll surely look so problematic thinking of ways on how to pack your bed, ref, cabinets, tables, chairs, etc. To help you out with this, better follow these packing tips:  Disassemble the beds. Group the bed frames and tie them up as one group. Just put a label on every frame so that you will know to which bed it belongs.  Fill the cabinet's drawers with clothes or other things like glass wares. Just make sure that they are wrapped properly. Then, cover the cabinet using a big and durable blanket. You can also use a special furniture pad to cover it and make sure to securely put a rope around it.  Disassemble the tables. Group the legs and the pad by tying them together. Don't misplace the bolts and knots. Put them in a small plastic bag and stick them under the tabletop by putting a masking tape on them.  Defrost, drain, and clean the refrigerator. Make sure that accessories there can stick with the ref by putting a tape on them. Just follow how it was packaged when it was new from the box.  Use the original packaging for other appliances like televisions, computers, and other electronics. Packing big things will never be a big problem once you know already how to do it. Just keep these tips in mind and you will definitely have a successful packing—even with the big things.

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