imageHow to Manage Kids While Relocating

How to Manage Kids While Relocating

10Oct 2013

Relocation is a stressful task for most people. They understand what it needs to be done and how much work they have to do, but when it comes to children the situation is a little bit different. They are younger, less experienced and they tend to get scared of the things they can`t understand or they have not seen before. And seeing mommy and daddy packing everything, seeing them irritated and more and more upset apparently because of no reason, can have negative effects on the child. That`s why they are an important part in your relocation. Adults tend to not tell the kids everything; they just tell them what to do. But this is not a healthy approach at all, because a child needs first to be explained what is happening and why is happening. Just because we believe they are too young to understand, that doesn’t mean we can’t make them understand. With patience and a simple approach, you can tell your child that you are moving home. •    If you have a baby, then you need to be very careful and attentive when moving home. If you properly organize and plan your relocation this will help you manage your kid better and have less to worry about•    If your child is a preschooler then the easiest way of keeping him out of your way while organizing the relocation is to keep him busy with new toys or activities and assure them that they will come with you, that the new home is nicer or that he will have more space to play etc. •    Children in the elementary school are a little bit more difficult to handle because they will have to leave their friends behind. This might be a hard to handle situation, but assure your child that he will make new friends. Also show him pictures with the new home and explain why is better to move. •    Teens are maybe the more difficult to manage during relocation because they can be completely unpredictable and they should be treated with patience and understanding. A good idea would be to involve them in some of the relocation activities as well. Even if they don’t agree with the relocation, try to make them be reasonable and do not lose patience with them.Sometimes parent make a huge mistake when relocating. They tell their kids about this later than they should. According to the experts, kids need more time to get used to the idea of moving, therefore they should know as early as possible. Also, remember to talk to them about the relocation and ask them how they feel about it. If their reaction is not as you expected, don’t force the relocation on them, not that they have a choice, but make them understand why it would be better to move. Talk to them like they are grown-ups and ask for their opinion. This way the child will be more prone to accept the relocation less reluctant. You could organize a goodbye party for your child and his friends. This will make the rupture less serious and they will see the relocation to be a less bad thing.  Answer all their questions about the relocation and be patient with them. After all, they are still your kids, no matter the stress that the removal is causing you.

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