imageHow to Make Your Move Easier and Less Stressful

How to Make Your Move Easier and Less Stressful

27Oct 2009

Planning and starting early help you take each phase in a stride. You don't have to worry and hurry so much if you've got everything planned. To even make the move easier for you, hire a removals company.
The key is to hire a reputable and skilled removals company. It would be better if you have family and friends who have recently moved so you can get some recommendations from them. If this is not available, you can look up some in the Yellow Pages and on the Internet. The first thing is to check out their reputation through reviews and the Better Business Bureau. If you like a certain company you can then request for quotes. It would be better if you let a company representative assess your belongings in person. As long as you show them everything, you will get accurate quotes.
To get the best deal you should compare at least 3 quotes. But in doing so make sure that you are comparing comparable quotes based on the services they are offering. Ask for references so you can know more about the company and the kind of service they provide. Make sure to call the references.
Take note that quality of service is of foremost priority. This means you should not sacrifice it for a lower quote. To save money, you could instead time your move on non-peaks days and non-peak seasons.
To make unpacking easier label each boxes where it is supposed to go to and what each contains. Pack a separate box for all essential items as well. This will allow you to unpack the TV and the DVD for your children upon arrival. This will keep them occupied as you organize everything on your first day. 

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