imageHow to Make Removals Easier for You

How to Make Removals Easier for You

19 February 2016

How to Make Removals Easier for You


Moving House RemovalsMoving requires an ample amount of packing. There’s no way you can escape that. But before you feel dismayed or overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done, don’t worry because there are ways to make it easier upon yourself.

Preparation Is the Key

What will make things a bit easier is preparation. You have to be organized so you have to plan out your packing strategy. You need to pack in an area where you will have the least interruption. This way you will be able to pack your things properly and you will be able to finish packing earlier.

It’s important that the room you choose is safe from everybody. If you have children or disabled people in the house, make sure that they will be able to move around without falling over your things.

You also need to prepare all your packing materials before starting the job. You’d most likely need bubble wraps, Styrofoam and a lot of boxes. To seal your boxes you would need a lot of tapes and then a pair of scissors to cut them. To have a safe packing area, make sure that your materials are kept in order. Scissors should, for example, be stacked in containers. Your markers and strings should be stacked in the same manner.

Where to Start Packing

Again, it’s important to be prepared for the big day. That’s why you should start packing quite early. If you know when you are going to move way in advance you should start packing about 3 months before that specific day.

Pack your things room per room. This way things belonging to one room would stay together. This would make unpacking easier for you later on.

Start packing on the room which is the least used. This way you would not need the things there while you are still in your old home. It is important to make an inventory of everything inside each room.  Make sure that you will also label each box so you would know where each would go when it arrives your new house.

But before you start putting anything inside the box, what you should do is segregate the things inside each room. For instance, things for disposal should not be included in the box that needs to be moved. Aside from that, things that are for donation should also be packed separately so you can give them out as soon as possible. This will make your place will be less scattered. If you plan to sell some things, you should also separate them so they will not be included in the boxes.

All boxes that will be brought by movers should be stacked together. Things you will bring yourself should be separated from them. This way there won’t be any chaos on the day of the move.

More Tips for Packing

Remember to put heavier things at the bottom of the box. Smaller items should be put on top. Heavier items also go to smaller boxes while lighter objects can go to larger boxes.

It is important that you put some caution on the boxes that contain fragile items. This way the movers will be more careful in carrying them.

Remember to seal and support the bottom of each box too. This is important so your boxes won’t tear and cause damage to your things.


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