imageHow to Make Money from Garage Sale

How to Make Money from Garage Sale

08Dec 2009

If you are considering moving into a new house, having a garage sale is a best way to make extra cash from the items you no longer need. Instead of throwing them, you can sell them at a very reasonable price. Here are the ways to help you sell your old items:
* Inform Neighbours and Friends
Word of mouth is one of the best ways of promotion. The more people who know about your garage sale, the bigger are the possibilities of your items being sold. If they are satisfied, the network increases. If they spread the news, more people will come to your sale. People will now be in a hurry before items are all sold.
 * Advertise in a Local Newspaper
Unlike major daily newspaper, local weekly neighbourhood newspapers do not charge advertising in classified ads. This is a good venue to announce your garage sale.
* Make Signs Pointing the Direction
This is a neat way to start your garage sale. By making signs pointing the way to your house, interested people will know where to go. Just make sure to put the date, time and the popular items you sell. The letters on signs should be written in big letters, so that drivers inside their vehicles can see them when they pass the sign.
* Post on Bulletin Boards
Libraries and grocery stores usually have bulletin boards where people can post fliers and announcements. You can post your own at these boards, announcing the details of your garage sale.  Don't forget to include the time, date, and the items you are selling.
You have just learned the ways on how to promote your garage sale. By doing these things, rest assured that you will certainly have a successful sale and a satisfying house move.

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