imageHow to Get Cheap Conveyance Solicitors

How to Get Cheap Conveyance Solicitors

12Oct 2010

Conveyance solicitors are legal representatives that deal with the transfers of the ownership of the property. If you are planning to buy or sell your home, a conveyance solicitor is needed to ensure the legalities of the transfer while you handle the other aspects of moving homes.
The services of conveyance solicitors usually include local search, land searches, land registry, stamp duty and home information packs. If you are searching for cheap conveyancing, you could ask some friends or relatives to recommend conveyance solicitors they have used in the past. Your real estate agent or mortgage broker may also refer a few reputable conveyance companies.
Another good tool you can use in searching for cheap conveyance services is the internet. There are thousands of companies online that offer affordable conveyancing. Once you have gathered all the details that you need, get quotes from at least three different companies before making any final decision.  
It is very important that you check the fees and find out what you are being charged for to make sure that you are not overcharged. Usually, conveyance solicitors will charge fees for his time, his phone calls, faxes, letters and his indemnity fee. You should also be prepared to pay land registry and local authority search fees upfront.
Another good tip to make your conveyancing costs cheaper is to ask the solicitor to act for the lender. The task they would have to do on behalf of the lender will be to prepare a mortgage document which will set the conditions of your loan. The lender will then hold the title of the property until it is paid in full.

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