imageHow to Do Removals from Start to Finish

How to Do Removals from Start to Finish

19 February 2016

How to Do Removals from Start to Finish


Hire RemovalsMoving can be exciting but it can be very tiring as well. It would take you a while before you finish packing. It would take usually take several days or even weeks to finally unpack and organize everything.

Even if you are moving to a fully furnished house, you would still have some things to pack when you move. And what makes it tedious is going through all your things individually and packing them.

Still, when you do it in a more organized manner things will be less overwhelming. You will also be able to accomplish the job faster.

Plan and Organize

It is important that you plan out your packing. For instance, it is important that you purchase more than the amount of packing materials you need. This way your packing will go more smoothly. So buy as much boxes, packing tapes, strings, bubble wraps and Styrofoam nuggets. Prepare your scissors and your stack of newspapers too. You would also need some garbage bags for your trash and for the things you need to dispose.

Making a list of the things you need is very important. These are the things you would need until the very last day of your stay in your current house. Cooking and eating utensils are necessary, for example. You should also make sure you don’t include your car and house keys in the boxes that movers will bring to your new home.

Tips on Packing

The trick is to pack one room at a time.  Pick the room that contains the things you least need. Segregate all the things inside the room. Set aside the things that you want to bring to your new home. Separate the things that you will dispose or sell.

Again have all you materials ready inside the room. Start with the heavy items as they need to be placed at the bottom. Make sure that you put enough padding on each item especially if the item is fragile. It’s important that you are not able to make out the item anymore. If something sticks out, add some more padding on that part. Make sure that you also put enough Styrofoam between each item so they will not break during the travel.

Don’t forget to list everything inside each box. Take notes of the fragile items on the inventory list. Label the box fragile if it contains delicate items too. This will inform the movers to be careful in carrying the said box. Label which room the box should go too to guide the movers when unloading the boxes.

Make sure that you seal your boxes well as well. If you don’t support and seal them properly, the boxes could tear and drop your things. This would lead to damage to your things in the end.

Moving and Unpacking

It’s a good idea to clean the house after the movers have moved your things. This will give you a chance to check out if you have not left any of your things behind.

It’s also important that you clean the new house you are moving into before you move and unpack your things.

When unpacking, it would be much faster if you do it room by room. Just make the movers unload the boxes on the appropriate rooms so you would not have to carry different boxes around.


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