imageHow to Be a Responsible Citizen Even during a Move

How to Be a Responsible Citizen Even during a Move

10Apr 2010

The planet as it is already is suffering from the abusive use of natural resources. By your own little way, you actually help save the planet. Recycling is one way of contributing to the preservation of the earth.   After the move, you would surely have lots of packing materials. The boxes, for one, could occupy a lot of space in your new home. But instead of throwing them away, why don't you let other people have them instead. If you really have so many boxes, secondhand materials stores could pick them up and even offer to pay for the boxes. You could also post an ad for the boxes and get more money for them. You could also either sell them or give them away by answering one of the ads in the "wanted" list on the Internet. Even packing paper can still be reused. The more materials you are able to let other people reuse the more you contribute to cause.   Even if these materials can no longer be used exactly for packing they can still have other uses. You can contact the local recycling services. There could also be some groups in your area who will take them for recycling. The important thing is you save more trees and help save the planet.  

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