imageHow to Ask a Roommate to Leave the Most Subtle Way?

How to Ask a Roommate to Leave the Most Subtle Way?

30Nov 2009

Who says that there is an easy way to tell your roommate to leave the room you share with him?  While there is no really way to tell a roommate to leave the shared room, there is a subtle and subdued way to do it in order to avoid getting conflicts. 
The best way to tell your roommate that you want him to leave the room is to directly discuss what seems to be problem with you and him as roommates.  Trying to make negative things positively and sugar coating all your words may not be the perfect chance this time.  Drop the bomb at once and ask him instantly to react so you will know what to do. 

And after the "bomb" has been dropped, you now need to plan the moving out day for your roommate.  Consider the things below after breaking the news to him:
Make sure that you have informed your roommate about the moving out day few weeks before the actual moving out day. This will allow him to prepare better for the moving out day. Inform your roommate about the things that need to be returned such as the keys to the room or any other borrowed items.Check on the unsettled payment and inform him about his dues, if there are any. 
So, do you really think that asking a roommate to leave would be that difficult?

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