imageHouse Selling-- Lighting Tips to Boost Curb Appeal

House Selling-- Lighting Tips to Boost Curb Appeal

24Aug 2010

If you really want to make a good and lasting impression on your potential buyers, spruce up your home's exteriors. You don't need a complete landscape renovation. Sometimes, all you need is simple lighting techniques to create a perfect ambience. Now, let's take a look at the things you can do to enhance the curb appeal of your home. 1.
  Seek a friend's opinion - In order to get an objective, you need a third party to assess what elements are lacking in your lawn. That person may be a friend, relative or a realtor may be a great option for this. They know what buyers really want and they can give you tips on which areas of the garden need impressive or low key lighting. 2.
 Highlight your yard's features - Place the lighting fixtures on the best features of your landscape such as the driveways, walkways and the patios. You can also highlight your lush trees and architectural details through lighting. 3.
Consider using antique lighting fixture.- Antique lighting fixtures such as worn out brass with new track lighting gives your lawn a vintage and relaxing atmosphere. 4.
Clean the lawn regularly - Nobody wants to squander cash with a home that is messy. Simple cleaning and raking can go a long way to making a prospective buyer fall in love with the house you are selling. 

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