imageHire a Moving Company while Sticking on Your Budget

Hire a Moving Company while Sticking on Your Budget

19 February 2016

Hire a Moving Company while Sticking on Your Budget


Moving Company HireThere is no argument to this: Moving out is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. This is because a person is making a lot of changes in his life. Then, there is also the added stress of the costs of moving. However, if you will be making a lot of preparation in moving out, you will be able to save some money in choosing a moving company. All you have to do is compare experience, security, reputation and cost.

Tips during the Moving Out Stage

1. What is the base rate book that the moving company uses? Usually, reputable moving companies use a base rate book Tariff 400-M from the Household Goods Carriers Bureau. It shows an estimated calculation for all moving transactions, may it be packing, storage, transportation, special needs and many others. Before you hire a moving company, ask what kind of guide it uses for its estimates.

2. After getting the estimates from each company, evaluate the final price. Although the company uses the Tariff 400-M as basis, there might still other charges. Make sure to be cautious of this.

3. Ask questions to the moving company. If you think the shipment and services have been underestimated to look like it’s a better price, contact the moving company and clarify the cloudy estimates.

4. Make sure that you have an experienced estimator. If you’re not sure, ask the company. Get a better understanding of the discounts applied and how these compare with those offered by other companies.

5. Is the quote binding and guaranteed? To be able to ensure that the quote is the final price, ask the guarantee in writing.

6. Research and check the reputation of the moving company he wants to hire. He should make sure that there are other people availing of their services.

There are some factors that make a guaranteed price impossible during a move, but it is still possible by planning in advance and talking honestly with the estimator. Always insist from your moving company to give you a definite price and make sure that it is in writing. By doing this, you will have fewer surprises during his move.


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