imageHelp Your Kids Be Ready for the Move

Help Your Kids Be Ready for the Move

17Nov 2009

Moving alone is far way less hassle than moving with kids. It's not because they are so naughty when moving but because they feel more stressed during moving. This stress comes mostly from their emotional longing for the place and the people around them.
Fortunately, you can still help your kids feel less stressed during the move through preparing them. Here are the tips to successfully do that:
   Your kids should always be involved in the moving process. From packing to unpacking, think of little things that your kids may be involved to. For instance, they may pack their own things or help you wrap things for packing.
   Show your kids the place where you will move. Entice them with the beautiful spots of the new place so they will instead get so excited for the moving.
   Encourage them to have fun with their friends even after you have moved to the new house. Don't forget to advise them to exchange contact information with their friends.
   Help them befriend new kids in the new community. Your kids might just find their best friends in their new school or your new town. Just encourage and support their befriending other kids, of course, as long as these kids are good influences to your children.
Your willingness to help your kids be at ease for the moving is not enough. But with these tips, moving will surely be fun and less stressful for your kids.

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