imageGood Movers Vs Bad Movers: How to Deal Them When You Move

Good Movers Vs Bad Movers: How to Deal Them When You Move

01Oct 2009

If you are moving in a few days, and you have hired a moving company to help you with our move, here are some tips on how to deal with the professional moving company team that you hired. It is best to know what to do especially when you encountered bad movers during the move date.
Here are some tips that you can do before moving when you hire moving professionals:
Before the move date when everything is already packed, you can picture or videotape your packed things. This way, you have some proof that your things are packed properly without any damages. Make sure to capture your boxes properly to demonstrate they are in good condition.
You also need to make sure that the moving company you are hiring is properly bonded or insured. A moving company that is insured properly would be able to pay you for any damages or losses in your belongings during the move.
 If in any case after the move, you found out that one of our belonging has been damaged, waste no time in informing your moving company. File a claim in the insurance company and in your moving company that one of our belonging has been damaged.
These are just some of the things you need to consider when hiring a moving company. Doing these simple tips would save you from a lot of headaches when something went wrong during your move. Good Luck!

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