imageGetting On The Same Page As Your Removals Company

Getting On The Same Page As Your Removals Company

03Apr 2014

If you are facing down the barrel of a removal, then you will likely be a little daunted by all of the decisions that you need to make. Whilst it is important that you understand exactly what needs to be done, and what is going on at all times, it is also the case that your removals company can provide a huge amount of help in the form of experience and knowledge. The skills and ability to assess a situation that removals staff will have developed over the years of moving people will be invaluable in your removal, and this is the main reason that you hire them. Many people will have enough strong friends that could help move hand, just to provide the man power, but a removals company will supply the expertise required to get you moved safely and without incident. However, you need to know that you are getting the real deal. Some removals companies who are trying to keep costs down will be in the practice of only hiring staff for individual jobs, as this is a lot cheaper than keeping them on a wage. Given that removals work is classed as unskilled, there is a huge amount to be said for ensuring that you are not using this sort of workforce unless budget restricts you to it. This is simply because you will be expecting a team that have a lot of prior experience, as well as a good team understanding, and a bunch of people plucked form an agency are likely to have neither! If they are indeed only being hired for the one job, it is unlikely that they will have a huge amount of dedication to either the company or the customer, and this means that the resulting service will not be as good as you would want. It is worth asking about how the company hire their staff when you first start getting quotes.Having a few meetings before the removal is essential, so that you and the head of the team are on the same page. They need to know how you want things done, as well as where the heaviest items are, and what needs the most careful attention. You need to give as much information as possible, to prevent there being any surprises on the day. No one want to turn up to a house and find that there is a piano in the attic that they had no idea about! Pre planning will mean that you can solve problems in advance, as there will sometimes be things that you assume are easy to remove, but may not be. Just because the wide sideboard wen up the stairs, does not mean it will always go down them, and removing a window or hiring crane to get it out of the house is neither cheap nor quick to get done! So you see, it is worth knowing about such things in advance! A few phone calls should have you acquainted well enough with the removals team that you can get to grips with how to handle them. If they are rather domineering, then it is perhaps worth reconsidering your option, though be sure to listen to them when they tell you things, as their attitude could be down to a misunderstanding on your part. Remember, they are the ones with the experience and know-how, so be careful as to how much you question their decisions!

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