imageGet Waterproof Removal Boxes; London Weather Can Be Tricky!

Get Waterproof Removal Boxes; London Weather Can Be Tricky!

11Jan 2013

If you are moving to, or within London, or any place that is known for unpredictable weather for that matter, you will need to take measures to ensure that your packing boxes do not get soaked should it rain. Imagine just how badly damaged all your belongings will be if the cardboard boxes they are packed inside get wet in the rain! It may seem improbable, and sure, for the most part your luggage will be inside the moving vehicle when they are being shifted, but odd things do happen! What if it rains while your boxes are being loaded or unloaded? What if the weather turns stormy while your boxes have been placed next to the truck and you’re waiting to load them or take them into the new house? And it doesn’t just have to be a rain shower; little spills and mishaps while you pack or unpack can cause your belongings to get spoiled. Which is why we bring to you this article on the importance of waterproofing your packing boxes. By making sure your cardboard boxes are waterproof you’ll be ensuring that they are resistant to damage from water or other liquids! You’ll also be safeguarding them against damage from humidity. Whenever you’re buying new boxes, make sure they are already waterproofed. Many companies build cardboard boxes to be waterproof by introducing a wax coating into the cardboard or spraying on a plastic coat onto the surfaces or using a plastic sheet to laminate the cardboard. Whenever you buy boxes next, look for these features. Wax cascading is a popular method of making cardboard waterproof. Wax cascading actually refers to covering cardboard with a wax preparation by pouring it down all over the cardboard. The cardboard is moved on an assembly line and the wax preparation is dripped onto it vertically. This makes sure that the wax seeps through the different layers of cardboard that together form the final sheet that is used for making removal boxes. Since the end product is usually made up of two to three corrugated board pieces, this method of wax cascading reinforces the cardboard from the inside out. Another method of preparing cardboard with wax to make it resistant against water damage is known as wax dipping. As is made evident by the name, the method involves completely dipping the cardboard pieces into the wax mixture. This ensures that the wax covers every inch of the cardboard. Lamination is another popular method used to make cardboard boxes waterproof. A waterproof layer or film is added to the cardboard using an adhesive. The drawback associated with this process is that the lamination is usually done on only one side of the cardboard, which means that it is still vulnerable to damage from the inside. Some companies also use sprays that act as corrosion inhibitors. These products are sprayed up and down the cardboard to make it resistant to damage from moisture or corrosion. This is especially handy if one knows that the cardboard boxes will be used for storing items made of metal. These sprays can be applied to the surface once the cardboard is ready or they can be added to each layer of the corrugated cardboard to provide great protection. If you have specific requirements it is very useful to purchase cardboard boxes that have been especially treated to be resistant to damage. Some companies only make cardboard by using these techniques, but since these prove to be a bit more expensive than plain cardboard, the trend is still catching on.

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