imageFurniture Installation Services For Barnes House Removals

Furniture Installation Services For Barnes House Removals

22Jan 2013

One of the most common sources of concern in any house shifting process is that of managing the furniture during and after the move. Furniture usually comprises large, heavy and oddly shaped items that cannot simply be piled into the moving truck and into the new house like the rest of the luggage. Given the unique nature of furniture, it is essential to handle it with extra care. An aspect of house removals that most people overlook is the reinstallation of furniture. Furniture pieces that have been dismantled or disassembled will have to be put back together for you to be able to use them. Even furniture that has not been disassembled will need to be arranged and properly positioned so that it doesn’t get in the way during the unpacking process. Dealing with furniture in the correct manner is one of the biggest challenges of a house removal in Barnes, or anywhere for that matter!Unless you have experience with dismantling and reassembling your furniture, this is a step that is best left to the pros. We understand that you will want to save money and the house removal is probably already costing you more than you would like, but taking a risk with heavy and expensive things like furniture is not only dangerous because you could break things but also because you could hurt yourself.To ensure that your furniture is taken apart, transported and reassembled safely and professionally you should hire a professional house removals team that also specialises in furniture installation. You would be surprised by just how many removals specialists are trained in niche complimentary fields so that they can offer their customers a greater variety of services. When you are browsing around for house removals teams, make sure you ask the representative about their policy and expertise regarding furniture that needs to be taken apart. It is important to emphasise that you will also want the furniture to be put back together, and not just dropped off at your new place. Even with regular furniture items that only have to be shifted, do ask the service provider to help with placing and reorganising things that are too heavy for you to manage on your own. Getting these details sorted out at the beginning guarantees a more accurate price quote.  If you’ve already hired a removals team and they don’t provide furniture installation services, consider hiring another team to deal specifically with the task. You can hire them for both stages, disassembling and reassembling, depending on your requirements.If you are still not convinced about the need for hiring professionals, consider this: if your furniture needs to be reassembled and installed, it means that it is heavy and large, so you should not take a risk with it yourself. Also the dismantling and reassembling processes usually require specific tools, and the skill to use them effectively. The furniture installation team will not only have a lot of experience with the task they will also possess all the right tools and equipment needed for the job. You cannot expect to use your trusted screwdriver, wrench and hammer on your delicate and expensive furniture! Considering how expensive it is to have furniture repaired or replaced, hiring a professional furniture installation team does work out much cheaper. Not only will you be guaranteeing the safety of these items, the company will probably offer an insurance cover to protect you against any damages incurred during the process. When you add up all these considerations, it does seem more sensible to spend a little extra on professionals than to take a risk and stand to lose a lot more should things go awry.

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