imageFive Reminders before the Moving Date

Five Reminders before the Moving Date

16Aug 2009

Five Reminders before the Moving Date So you are finally ready to move to your new place. Before you finally load your things on the truck, make sure that you have done these five reminders:  Gather all of your important documents. Put these documents in a durable envelope or any secured container.  Have your new house’s information in one place. Many people forget the exact address of their new house. Some may even forget to bring the key and the necessary documents for the house. Save yourself from spending more time, money, and effort by having all these in tacked.  Cancel your membership to clubs, groups, etc. if this is not transferable.  Return the borrowed items. Also, claim the items borrowed from you.  Give everything needed by the new owner. Never forget to leave all the keys of the house to its new owner before you leave. Sending these keys to them is a lot more time-consuming than giving these to them before you move. These are just five reminders. Accomplishing these reminders can save a lot of money, time, and energy from you. So before you leave, check these reminders one-by-one. You might have forgotten to do one or two of these reminders.

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