imageDon't Get Left in the Dark by your Man and Van Service

Don't Get Left in the Dark by your Man and Van Service

06Aug 2013

For a smaller move, the man and van service is perfect; you will find that they form the ultimate combination of cheap, reliable and flexible, and with so many different services out there, you are sure to find a company that can cater to your needs. Despite this, people are still at a loss as to what they need in the first place, so we’ll have a quick look at the various types of man and van service out there, so that you can discern what kind of firm you need for your Man and van service, whether big or small, long or short. For a start, you need to think about the size of the job that you are taking on. Many are tempted by the notion of doing things themselves for cheap, but the reality is that when you take on a large job on your own, there can be serious issues that come about due to biting off more than you can chew. If you have a flat larger than three bedrooms, or a house, then your move is probably too big for a man and van service, and you should look in to finding a smaller removals company to supply men and a larger vehicle. Failing to recognize that your job is too big for untrained people is a real and deadly problem, as there are many serious issues that can come from attempting a move that is beyond your abilities. For instance, injuries associated with lifting without safety training can last well on in to later life, and cost you loads in medical bills. The damage caused by dropped items, or scraped up walls can be extremely expensive to fix, especially if you are moving out of or in to rented accommodation, so the savings that you make by doing things without a removals service will be lost in repairing mistakes.Man and van services come in all shapes and sizes, and it is often down to you as to what you want. For those on a budget, a smaller company in terms of presence will be cheaper, as they will have less overhead costs on advertising and websites. A more established company will have a slightly more trustworthy feel however, so if you are nervous of being scammed (not that it is likely) then you may prefer to go with someone who has a fancy website and is at the top of the google listings. Larger companies will have more flexibility in terms of van size and team size, so if you need specifics then they will be the company for you. If you are not that fussy, and just need some stuff moving from A to B then you will often find that a standalone individual with a van is the best way to go, as their prices will be pretty low, and great for last minute deals.You will find that the costings of various companies differ, from a flat fee for the whole job, to an hourly cost. The hourly rate will usually be cheaper than the overall, but it will offer no reassurance against any unforeseen issues like traffic or repeat trips, so you should be completely sure of your needs before you go ahead with either! Hopefully this little guide will make the mysteries of man and van companies easier to understand, good luck! 

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