imageDo Removals Companies Provide A Packing Service?

Do Removals Companies Provide A Packing Service?

14Nov 2013

When moving house, you may be considering whether or not you want to hire a packing service, or simply do the packing yourself! In this article we are going to discover if removal services hire a packing service, what types of packing services are available to us and how we can find removal services that offer a packing service. Firstly, do removals companies offer a packing service?Yes they do, however not all types of removal companies hire this service. For example if you hire a self drive-drive removal van, it’s unlikely that you can get this service but if you hire through a bigger company that specialises in removals, they more than likely do offer this service. So, what kind of packing service should I hire?Well, this depends on what kind of removals you are doing. Is it a house removal? If so, then you may want to request a surveyor to come to your property to discuss what needs to be packed. This is usually done on a no fee, no obligation basis and then you are left with the decision as to whether you would like to hire this service or not. A surveyor should be able to give you a good estimation on the type of packaging you require and how much is needed for the job. If the removal is for an office, you may need to consider extra packaging which is specially designed to protect your valuable electrical goods. What kind of services other than supply the packaging, can I get?Packing services sometimes offer to do the packing for you, there is a cost involved for this service but it could be very beneficial in the long run. If you decide to buy the packing and not use their services to pack for you, YOU will be dependable for any damage caused to your goods, during transit! However if you allow the packers to for you and something happened to break or get damaged during the removal process, you should be covered by their insurance but it’s worth verifying if it comes with protective insurance, before you go ahead and hire them.Using a packing service is very beneficial in other ways too, allowing packers to do the job for you may reduce the amount of packaging materials you use, because they know how to professionally pack household goods to use all available space within the boxes, they also know how to pack in a way that may help to reduce the possibility of damage occurring! Should I buy packing for the entire house?You can if you wish to, some people choose to prioritise their important and more valuable contents over their not so important stuff, and only get their valuables packed professionally! You can save cost by doing this where you sort out what’s going to be packed by the packing service and what you can do yourself, however this could be very time consuming because not only do you have to sort through everything you have, but also you have to do half of the packing yourself. You need to ask whether you feel it’s necessary to save costs by doing this or whether it’s easier to get it all packed at the same time and be done with it! That’s up to you and how much time you have got to do the move? Where can I find packing services?Finding a packing service is relatively easy, simply go online and search out the different companies. Remember to always collect quotes and compare them to get the best deal you can! Try to find companies who offer the free no obligation service to view your property and its contents, that’s way you can get a more realistic quote for the service you require!

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