imageCut Moving Costs of Relocation

Cut Moving Costs of Relocation

01Jun 2012

Many people aren't aware of how hard moving is before they face it for the first time. Even if you have helped a friend pack or unpack, it is still nothing compared to being responsible for the whole process - planning, preparation, choosing a moving company, distributing tasks among the family members, choosing the best time to move, packing, carrying, loading, unpacking and arranging your new home. All of these tasks are just the major ones. People who move often have to do all the necessary repair to the home they are leaving and also deal with any problems at their new place. Add to this the stress of changing the neighborhood, or the town and you are left to cope during a frustrating, time-consuming and exhausting event. Most people have a specific budget for their relocation and need to find ways to lower the costs of moving. There are a few clever ways to reduce the overall cost of moving. One of the ways to do that is to move in the off-peak season. During it the prices of moving companies are lower. The peak season is summer when most families relocate. This is the time when their children are off from school and they can also use most of their holiday days. Less people choose to move in winter because of the weather conditions. If you are not afraid of a little wind, rain or snow you can plan your move in winter and the prices will be much lower. Of course the busiest time for moving is during the weekend. Use weekends for packing, that's when your friends or relatives are free to help you as well. The moving itself can happen on a working day, if you manage to arrange that. The next step in reducing relocation costs is to get rid of all the things you simply don't use or need. The moving costs are based on the size of the truck or the weight - either way, it will be cheaper to only move the belongings you use. This also means less money on packing material. Another thing to be careful with is the moving company you are hiring to move your belongings. Search for a reputable company with no hidden costs. Professional movers will be extra careful with your belongings and charge you only what was stated in the agreement. There are moving companies who are scammers and charge you more than you agreed to. Check whether the company is registered and licensed. This will save you lots of trouble and even if you pay a bit more, it's better than to replace damaged or broken items. The biggest money saver is of course packing yourself. This process is long and needs careful planning, but more and more people choose to do it - it saves them not only money, but worries too. You can read tips on proper packing, make a list of your belongings, buy packing material and start well in advance. Buy quality moving boxes which can be sealed and labeled and make sure you have enough bubble wrap, paper, moving blankets and other packing material. Packing and loading the truck on your own will save you lots of additional costs. It will also give you a clearer idea on where each item is, which will be helpful once you start unpacking. If you want to cut your moving costs even more, you can rent a truck from a company and do the whole process yourself. Following these tips you will manage to organize a low-cost and efficient relocation.

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