imageCleaning Tips When Moving

Cleaning Tips When Moving

08Aug 2009

Cleaning Tips When Moving One of the hassles brought by moving is the need to clean your old place as well as your new place. But cleaning these two areas should not be too stressful. Hence, you should know how to perform cleaning better and faster. Before you start cleaning, make sure you have gathered already all the necessary cleaning materials. Take note, you cannot use dust using a scrubbing brush or clean glass using a tile cleaner. You should also organize them in several boxes so you will know where to get this and that. Definitely, you should start from the top down to the bottom. If not, you will clean some areas twice—wasting your time and effort. Similarly, don’t clean the toilets, bathroom sinks, and floors several days before you leave. If you do, you will just need to clean them again. Now, upon reaching your new home, make sure to double check some areas although the whole place looks terrifically clean already. The areas you may want to go over again are:  The interior of cabinets. The previous owner of the house might have only sprayed some pest control in the insides of cabinets. To be sure, it’s better to clean the insides again by wiping it with wet rag.  Bathrooms: You have no idea about the people who previously occupied the house. Hence, it is better for you to bleach the bathrooms with cleaners to disinfect every corner.

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