imageChoosing the Right Packing for Removals!

Choosing the Right Packing for Removals!

08Nov 2013

Moving house or business requires a hell of a lot of packing and then once arrived at the new address, it’s time to unpack it all again! It can be a bit if a tedious task having to do all of that packing and unpacking, but if you carefully pack the boxes in an organised manner, it should help to take a bit of the strain of the job as a whole!Here is my advice on how best to pack more efficiently; Tip for PackingFirstly, when you pack anything into a box always remember that whatever goes in first, comes out last so if you are packing things that are important and will probably be needed straight away (once you reach your destination!) then it may be worth keeping those items aside for now and then topping up the boxes with them later on.Don’t rush the packing process, usually the idea of ‘bang it all in, ill sort it when I get there’ only leads to a stressful heap of piled up goods once your there, and a serious case of ‘Where do I start with this lot’. That’s definitely a situation we must try and avoid! A good organised packing process can take weeks to achieve and is best to be done a little at a time. You can start by packing those none essential goods right away, especially if you know for certain that you won’t need them anytime soon. CD’s, Books, Ornaments, last season’s clothing etc are the sort if items that you can start to pack straight away, but remember to label those boxes because if however you do decide you need them, then you won’t have to frantically search all of the boxes, undoing all of your hard work, just to find them! Use the right material! I cannot stress this enough, because the amount of people that think it’s OK to throw it all into any old tatty crisp box and ended up regretting it later, is beyond belief! Honestly, you cannot expect your things to safe and sound on arrival if you take on that kind of attitude. You wouldn’t buy a new TV shoved into an old scrap box would you? So why would you place your treasured belongings into one to move home? You can buy quality materials to be able to do a good job of packing up your home and it will offer protection to your goods at the same time and this doesn’t have to cost the earth. It will save time in having to go looking for boxes etc and also you get the added bonus of the packaging like bubble wrap and shredding to help further protect your belongings. When looking for packing services you can request a surveyor to visit your home and they will give you a free no obligation quote for the amount of packaging required. You can then decide whether you want to buy the packaging or use the packaging service as a whole? By using the service as a whole, it saves you heaps of time because you do not have to bother doing it all yourself! And not only that the packing service generally comes with insurance because if a breakage were to happen after you used their service, their packers and their materials they would refund the cost of the damage, bonus! With a packing service you are getting peace of mind as well as a more efficient service! Some Packing services will collect the boxes and packaging after the move, if you want them too! This is great because if saves you time on having to make trips to local tip or recycling plant and if you use Eco-friendly packing, you know that you are doing some good also!

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