imageChoosing the Right Dorm to Move

Choosing the Right Dorm to Move

15Dec 2009

There are many things you ought to consider when you're moving into a new dorm, especially if you're a freshman student who will be coming from another city. Here are some things that can help you in choosing the right dorm.
1. Cost- you should see to it that you are not shortchanged when it comes to the cost of the dorm. The cost should amount to the quality of the dorm. If you saw the dorm from the internet or from a newspaper magasine, don't just rely on the pictures for a view of it, go see how it actually looks like. Take extra time to personally check if the dorm is well-groomed. Know your money's worth. Do the utilities function well, such as the toilet flush, the shower, kitchen faucet, etc.? How small will your space or room be if ever? What's the overall aura of the dorm? In this way, you'll not be fooled by deceiving advertisements.
2. Services- try to also know if the dorm provides daily services. Do they have people who clean the rooms and toilets on a daily basis? Do they provide free meals three times a day? Do they have moving services? Is it possible that they'll help you move in? Having other people do services for you will help you focus more on studying.

3. Location- try to also know how far the dorm is from your school. The nearer it is, the better.
4. Rules and Regulations- know the rules and regulations implemented in the dorm. Does the dorm have a curfew? Do they allow students to play musical instruments inside? Know if the rules suit your lifestyle.
5. Dormmates- know what kind of people you'll be encountering in the dorm. It will be your new family so make sure you know what kind of persons they are.

Choosing the right dorm for you is essentially about finding the house that will fit your lifestyle and personality. Live in a dorm where you will be most comfortable and happy.

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