imageChecking Your Furniture When You Move

Checking Your Furniture When You Move

27Sep 2009

It's a common mistake for many movers to leave behind furniture or at least neglect to take certain pieces of furniture into account when they move. This results in more delays and difficulties that will most probably cost you extra. Here are a few tips to help you manage your furniture more efficiently when you move.
1. Inventory everything.
It is important take inventory of all the things you'll be bringing with you. The most common mistake is to forget pieces of furniture you will need just before the move. Failing to inventory for these things will probably leave you scratching your head on moving day, unsure of where to put them,
2. Check all the rooms of your house / apartment before you leave.
As mentioned, many people forget the pieces of furniture they need to use and thus cannot pack until moving day. So when the truck comes honking, they pile up their pre-packed stuff and then off they go, only to realize later that they left something behind. So before you lock the door and say goodbye to your old place, check all your rooms and make sure you did not leave anything behind.
3. Pack them well.
You need to make sure that your things will be packed properly to minimize damage during transit. Packing peanuts and bubble wrap are excellent packing cushions especially designed for this purpose. Also prepare your packages for the stuff you can only pack on moving day itself, so it's more efficient.

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